This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it
Psalm 118:24

Pastor Tom and Nicole Harrah

Pastor Tom and Nicole Harrah are devoted parents and a husband and wife team that are extremely involved in community and fellowship. Tom and his wife are highly involved in Prison Ministry. God has brought them together as a powerhouse to serve and love his people wherever they are and as they are.

Pastor Ricky and Michelle Joyner

Pastor Ricky spent 26 years of his life in prison and is now involved in Christian counseling and Prison Ministry, spending much of his time teaching, preaching, and counseling. He enjoys connecting with people through God (LOVE) and introducing them to a new way of life, hope, and joy through the word. His wife Michelle supports Ricky and their ministry through the "digital world" by taking care of social media accounts and websites like this one.

Jamarcus and Stephanie Fields

Jamarcus and Stephanie are servant leaders who share their testimonies and the gospel message of Jesus Christ in a plethora of God-ordained ways: Preaching, teaching, mentoring, rapping, dancing, poetry recitation, acting, and directing. Their love for Christ has no bounds, demonstrated in their call to minister to and breathe life into those who are or have been incarcerated, those who journey alongside incarcerated individuals, and inner-city youth who have or are on the brink of losing hope.
As Founder and CEO of Iron Sharpens Iron, Inc., God is making it possible for Jamarcus to walk back through prison doors after having served 26 years in several Indiana correctional facilities, to be a beacon of light to those currently serving time, and to prepare them for re-entry into society.
God acknowledged Jamarcus and Stephanie's dream and heart to be His hands and feet, extending love and compassion to people on this earth. He has given this couple a unique platform to show what God can do with a sincere and yielded heart (personal testimony), to reach souls in need of a Saviour (the gospel message), and to work toward making positive changes within the Indiana Department of Corrections (serving others).

Sister Coleen and Shane Tucker

Sister Coleen and Shane Tucker are a husband and wife team that have a passion for people that feel hopeless and broken. They have both been there. Their dream is to start a place called Second Chance Ranch: Beyond the Prison Door for wounded/abused animals along with men coming out of prisons to teach life skills and use the animals to help the men learn to care for them before they attempt caring for their families. They will have an established curriculum for drug/alcohol deliverance and life issues applied throughout the stay to assist with re-entry to society and help prevent recidivism.

   “A Day of Great Rejoicing” event was established in 2022 and is an annual event dedicated to bringing together people that have been affected by the American Prison System. People that have been incarcerated and loved ones of people that are currently or have been incarcerated in the past are invited to fellowship together and celebrate the victories that God has made in our lives to remind us that every day is “A Day of Great Rejoicing”.

We have a support group on Facebook, Beyond the Walls, that connects people with resources needed and fellowship which is in strong effort to fight recidivism. We don’t want to see anyone return to the prison system. We want to help our brothers and sisters to connect with resources and mentors that will help them grow in faith in God.

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Fellowship Support and More!

Three like minded children of God, Pastor Ricky, Sister Colleen, and Brother Jamarcus, came together with the intent of joining brothers and sisters together.  God put His Mighty hand in it and this "Day of Great Rejoicing" has come to fruition. Won't He DO IT!!!  We would like to invite you to enter your information above to receive information on upcoming days of fellowship, support, and more.  Thank you so much for being a part of this day!!! 
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